Who We Are

Core Values
“We are One Church, One Body, One Spirit, growing together in Christ by proclaiming the Good News and Serving All People.”  It is our mission to build a church that embodies the teaching of Jesus Christ; and to maintain a comfortable, relaxed, and peaceful atmosphere for growth and learning in a multicultural environment.
Together, as a congregation of believers, we …
  • Embrace diversity and inclusiveness
  • Believe in the equality of all humanity Believe in the equality of all humanity. We welcome all regardless of race or culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or relationship status.  We welcome all without regard to addictions, physical or mental health, imprisonment, socioeconomic circumstances, or anything that too often divides us.  Our unity is in Christ Jesus.
  • Seek to be compassionate and understanding at all times
  • Reflect God’s love through forgiveness, patience,unconditional love and acceptance
  • Share a tradition of hospitality and generosity

Statement of Mission
Ascension Lutheran Church is a community of disciples of Christ.  Our mission is:  “We are One church, One Body, One Spirit, growing together in Christ by proclaiming the Good News and serving all people.”

The Ascension congregation embodies many nationalities, races, languages and cultures, reflecting the diversity of Greater Milwaukee and surrounding communities. As followers of Jesus Christ, we welcome everyone and seek to share God’s gifts through worship, prayer, music, fellowship and service to others.

We celebrate Life and Hope through the Word and Sacraments offered in three languages – English, Spanish and Hmong. We encourage members to nurture that new life from infancy to old age through service, stewardship of talents and resources, and varied educational opportunities.

Ascension is blessed with professional pastoral leadership in all three languages. Our English worship services offer a rich variety of styles. Our music ministry enriches worship through song and varied musical instrumentation, from guitars to handbells. Occasional Unified worship services and the regular Sunday service called “One Body, One Spirit” allow the whole congregation to worship together.

Our ministry is as wonderfully varied as our worship, with something available for all ages, backgrounds, experiences and interests. Please visit the Ministries page for more information.

We are energized by our diversity and invite you to become a part of the Love, Hope and Power of God we share at Ascension! It is our promise to walk with ALL of the people God brings to Ascension.

We are a community of brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus — we are unified in Him!

Who We Are:

Ascension Lutheran Church
1236 S. Layton Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53215
Phone: 414-645-2933
Fax: 414-386-4668
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Ascension is a Reconciling in Christ Church
welcoming and affirming of all people
including those in the LGBT community.
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