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Ascension Serving Boldly – a campaign to care for our “Sacred Place”


What is Serving Boldly?
Serving Boldly is a part of our stewardship effort at Ascension Lutheran Church. It has been raising funds specifically to pay for many much needed repairs and improvements to the buildings that make up the church campus. This includes the north and south buildings and the sanctuary. Contributions to Serving Boldly are in addition to our regular contributions which go to support the ministries of Ascension.

Why should I be interested in Serving Boldly and contribute to it?
As disciples at Ascension, we know that all that we have is a gift from God, this includes our talents, our possessions and our financial resources. As disciples we have learned that a mark of our discipleship is to practice good stewardship of these gifts by returning to God’s work a portion of the gifts we have been blessed with.

We have also been blessed with a beautiful church with much space for many other activities which benefit our congregation and our community. As with any building, we must take care of these facilities if they are to be able to serve the congregation and the community for many decades to come. Caring for our “Sacred Place” involves maintaining the buildings, and making needed repairs and improvements.

How much do we need to raise?
In 2010, the firm of Eppstein Uhen undertook a comprehensive survey of the condition of our buildings to develop a plan for the repairs and recommended improvements. From the survey, we know that we need to invest $1.5 to $1.8 million over the next 15 to 18 years to make the repairs and improvements needed.

Our goal for 2012, our 160th anniversary year, is to raise $160,000. As of June, we have received lead gifts and pledges to this goal of over $80,000. Gifts and pledges to contribute are received every week and we are hopeful that we will be able to reach $160,000 specifically for Serving Boldly before the end of 2012. Contributions in 2010 and 2011 totaled $144,127.

How will the money be used?
Projects are undertaken as money is actually received. Projects planned for 2012 are:
• Improvements to the multiple heating systems to increase efficiency and effectiveness
• Improved lighting in the sanctuary
• Replacement of kitchen grease trap
• Upgrade and improve 1st floor restrooms located off the Commons to meet ADA standards
• Gym floor refinishing and repair
• Repair and refurbishing of our organ

Projects that have been completed in 2010 and 2011 with Serving Boldly funds:
• Removal of damaged front entrance cupola & repair of courtyard and front stairs
• Remedial projects to prevent further water damage
• Restoration of stained glass window in sanctuary
• Storage closet built on north wall of dining room
• Purchase of 30 chairs with arms and dolly for dining room
• Re-lamping of gymnasium
• Kitchen cabinets and sink in 2nd floor conference room
• Start-up of building operations supervisor position

Who decides on which projects will be done?
Based on the priorities from the Building Conditions Survey, the Serving Boldly team in cooperation with the Building & Property team and the Leaders hip Council identifies projects to be included each year. Projects are only undertaken when the funds to complete it have been raised. When a gift is received for Serving Boldly that is designated for a specific purpose, the wishes of the donor are respected.

How you can participate in the Serving Boldly 160th Anniversary Capital Campaign
• Pray for the success of the Serving Boldy Capital Campaign.
• Prayerfully consider your contribution to the 160th Anniversary Capital Campaign.
• Make a contribution or a pledge to contribute.
• Use your weekly envelope to make a contribution in addition to your regular current contribution. Fill in the amount of your contribution on the line marked Serving Boldly.
• Place a contribution to Serving Boldly in an envelope and write Serving Boldly on the outside of the envelope. Checks should be made payable to: Ascension Serving Boldly.
• All contributions regardless of amount are needed and welcome.

Other benefits of making a contribution to Serving Boldly
The Ascension Endowment Fund has agreed to forgive $2 of debt to the fund for every $1 contributed to Serving Boldly Capital Campaign during 2012 by Ascension disciples. This results in reducing our outstanding interest-bearing loans as well as the amount of interest owed on these loans. Payments on the loans and interest have been part of the annual operating budget. These reductions make more money available to meet the expenses of our ministries.

The Serving Boldly team is interested in your suggestions and concerns. We welcome your comments.

For more information contact a member of the Serving Boldly Team or one of the pastors.
Marilyn Lange, Team Leader, (414) 525-1425
Jan Fox, Kathleen McCann, Pastor Jon Jacobs,
Greg Joers, Roger Rustad, Pastor Walter Baires,
Jack Loppnow, Steve Proefrock, Vicar Logan Vang,
Lorjxeng Lor, Tom Tamms, Sandy Maes, Grace Thomsen

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