$15,000 Gift to OFH is Part of Stewardship Life

Wayne and Jan Fox make generosity their ‘Calling’

“It’s not my money!” That is how Wayne Fox responded to why he and his wife, Jan, have made it their mission to be generous. Wayne explained that he heard it from others and he believes in it. Everything he has is God’s, and holding on to it doesn’t get God’s mission done. Click hear to read more.

$60,000 Total Gift
Jan and Wayne put that belief into effect in a big way in 2011. They made a special donation totaling $60,000, beyond their already generous giving, to
ministries that are dear to their hearts and faith. Outreach for Hope was one of those special ministries that the Foxes felt strongly about. They designated $15,000 to go to Outreach for Hope for its work to support ministries working in communities of poverty.

When Jan came to the Outreach for Hope office to deliver the check in person, you could see the joy and emotion that goes with giving sacrificially and from the heart. Of the $60,000 total, $30,000 went to their home church, Ascension Lutheran, Milwaukee. Of that a large portion was designated for one of their favorite ministries, “AMIS,” which stands for “Ascension Mission.” And in addition to the $15,000 given to Outreach for Hope, they also donated $7500 to the ELCA Malaria Fund, and $7500 to the ELCA Disaster Relief Fund.

Stewardship of IRAs
Jan and Wayne were spurred to action when Jan heard at a presentation by Pastor Larry Westfield from Lutheran Planned Giving, that 92% of IRA dollars never get put to use as intended, but are still in the estate at the death of the individuals holding them.

In addition, Pastor Westfield explained, when IRAs are ‘rolled over’ to provide charitable gifts there are wonderful tax advantages that make the money all the more meaningful. Pastor Larry called it, “Replacing taxation with charitable giving.” There is much that is lost to taxation that could be gifted. Jan’s response was, “We have IRA’s that we have to put to work for mission,” and that got their special 2011 donation underway.

Service to the Church is Central
Jan and Wayne have made commitment to the church a central theme of their lives. Jan has been teaching Sunday School at Ascension for 55 years. Wayne has been a member of Ascension for over 40 years. Together they have served on many of the church boards and committee, stating that the ELCA motto, “God’s Work, Our Hands,” has been their motto as well.

“They have been blessed because they are generous,” observed Pastor Jon Jacobs, one of the pastors at Ascension. “Wayne and Jan exemplify what it means to make God the foundation of your life and not the other material gods that want to control our lives.”

Wayne and Jan Fox are examples of many of the generous donors who make the work of Outreach for Hope ministries possible. They help lead the way in making Outreach for Hope a sign of God’s love in communities of poverty.

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